Using reclaimed wood, steel and industrial artifacts, we’ve mastered the art of crafting industrial furniture that gives each space a little something extra. With years of experience in the general construction and interior design business, our specialty lies in using our innovative and thoughtful designs to create vintage, retro and trendy style interiors for restaurants, retail shops, hotels and homes.

Our love for nature drives us to help protect one of its greatest resources. Reclaimed wood preserves our forests and allows us to build better furniture. The wood we use has been stressed naturally through its exposure to the sun and rain before being contracted and re-contracted to build character. Not only are we building furniture that’s built to last, but we’re also creating pieces of art that can’t be found in retail chains.

We’ve built a niche for ourselves by blending the two mediums of wood and steel to create furniture that elevates any room or space. The unique combination of wood and metalwork yield show-stopping pieces, whether it’s the centerpiece at an event or a conversation starter in someone’s home.

The creation starts in our Lake Forest workshop with a simple design. With care, our small team of expert craftspeople constructs each piece to carry the inspiration from our home to yours.