Friday Favorite: September 9th

Part 3 of Karl Strauss Anaheim and we are talking about the last section of this new restaurant. We might have saved the best for last, I mean look at these custom banquettes and table bases! We can hardly take our eyes off these bright red "U" shape banquettes. We love a good, tufted leather!

Our wood and upholstery look as good from up close as they do for a distance. What can we say, we do pay attention to the details! 

We also custom made these shelving units for their very own Karl Strauss Kegs. We like them because they are functional and yet still look awesome. 


We hope you've enjoyed our Karl Strauss Anaheim series! We are also working on Karl Strauss in LA so you will be seeing some of those in the near future! Head over to Instagram to see some more photos and follow us to see daily updates! Have a happy weekend!