Friday Favorite: September 30th

Today I am throwing it back to one of our crowd favorites! The Vintage Fire Hydrant Table! 

We have made only 3 of these awesome tables, two have found their permanent homes and this one sits in our showroom or travels to shows. 

We love this table because it gives us a chance to talk to our clients about why Planks USA was started. When Sam began the company He would visit local flee markets and find inspiration for his projects. This table was one of those moments and Sam took a lot of old fire hydrants and came up with this truly unique table. 

As you can see, we added wheels to this piece, because you definitely don't want to pick it up! It is definitely one of our heavier pieces! 

Until it finds a home we are happy to see this beauty sitting in the showroom everyday! I'm sure you can see why! 

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