Friday Favorite: September 16th

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are featuring this new kitchen shelving unit. Fresh out of the workshop we are loving this custom designed shelving. 

As always we not only try to make things that look great but that also are functional. This patterned wood background with these metal wrapped shelf were custom made to house the coffee maker our client purchased. One of the perks of making our products right here in America is that we are able to cater to our clients needs in every aspect of the design. 

Our attention to detail doesn't falter here either. We also feature steel and concrete, which are two of our favorite things to pair with our classic reclaimed wood. 

It's when you zoom in that you can see the detail and the grain that reclaimed wood has to offer. Some see it as a small detail but we know that it makes every piece unique. 

Thank you for stopping by, have an awesome weekend and follow us on Instagram to see daily updates! See ya next Friday!