Friday Favorite: August 26th

We are so excited to show you how this new restaurant project turned out. There are so many details involved here at Karl Strauss Anaheim, but for starters we will talk about these table bases. For this project we created 5 custom bases that you can spot throughout the restaurant. All designed in-house we combined all 5 together to accomplish this eclectic look. 

Along with these awesome custom bases we topped off half of them with a live edge piece of wood. Every single table showing a unique shape. I mean we just love a good live edge! 

We don't want to give it all away, but as you can tell this project has turned out very nicely. You can stop by the blog next week to see the other half of this restaurant, follow us on Instagram to see some sneak peeks or stop by Karl Strauss Anaheim, that is now open!