Friday Favorite: July 29th

This week we are talking about this custom bar. This custom piece was a part of our San Clemente house remodel. This Steel bar has been hand stained here in Orange County to give it the vintage appearance that is a quintessential element of our style here at Planks. 

Along with the custom stain we created on the steel we added a steel wrap and bolts to the edges. This look comes together perfectly making this piece look sturdy while retaining that vintage aspect we love. And believe us, it doesn't just look sturdy, this bar is HEAVY!

Focusing in on the bar back we see custom shelving and cabinets that are perfectly complementing the bar design itself. When we design we are striving for aesthetic quality as well as functionality.  

There are so many parts of this design that we love but now you have seen a few, tell us what your favorite part is in the comments! Have a great weekend everyone and keep up with us on a daily basis by following us on Instagram.