USA ePay: Part 1

We get it, the first thing that comes to mind when you think " office space" isn't style. But one of our areas of expertise is making those two come together. We see the connection in being inspired and working in an inspiring environment. We have a done really large project with USA ePay over the last few years resulting in one of our favorite spaces. 

In the Conference Room we have our custom table with steel base that also doubles as storage, pretty nifty. The feel in this room is a nice balance between rustic and industrial, complete with maybe the coolest lighting fixture we have ever come across. 

Seriously, look at this light. KILLER. Not a bad planked ceiling either. 


On to the breakroom. The layout at Epay is true to the LA style, office on the bottom and two loft areas on top. The loft is where we find this rad bar seating, and also a kitchen complete with a Starbucks coffee maker. Epay knows how to break in style. 

We kept the kitchen sleek and functional. Stainless steel and vintage handles continued our industrial aesthetic but also gave us the durability needed in a shared space like this.

Overall this office is an exceptional space, but this is only the half of it. We will save the rest for later, stay tuned. Happy almost Thanksgiving, have a good one!