Friday Favorite: March 31st

Stop by each Friday where we talk about some of our most recent furniture pieces and projects. 

Our newest Velvet and Steel chair is making a debut this week. After a few tries, we have landed on the perfect size and finish for this these babies.

Handmade furniture in Orange County California. 

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Friday Favorite: February 17th

If you know Planks, you know we like vintage... well everything! Some of our favorite pieces are inspired by the awesome pieces we find at local flea markets!

This table is a perfect example, using a vintage railroad jack, just like the one pictured above.  


It is not your everyday table, but that's why we like it. Adjustable in size, this table is versatile and unique... and also heavy! But then again, all of our tables are.

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Friday Favorite: November 18th

You are probably wondering why I am showing you a heap of old railroad switches. Well we might specialize in reclaimed wood but we don't stop there. 

With just a little help from the guys in the workshop these found pieces turned out to be the perfect table base. The industrial style and back story makes this table a real talking piece and is a one of a kind, handmade piece. 

Each table we make comes with a story. It might not be the easiest way, but that's what makes our tables stand out. 

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Friday Favorite: Barn doors

After a week of everyone disagreeing, I have a feeling that we all can agree on this one thing, barn doors are the best! So I am going to cast my vote for all of my favorite barn doors we have made here at Planks USA. 

Yeah, we are heart eyed about all of these, I am sure you can see why. 

We hope that you love these doors as much as we do, and that you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for stopping by and head over to Instagram to see our daily updates. 

Friday Favorite: November 4th

When you think of Planks USA you might not think of wood beams, but surprise! We do that too! 

We pride ourselves on offering services from floor to ceiling. This project we wrapped up in San Juan is the perfect example of this. In this photo you can see our: barn door, beams, stairwells, stairs, mantel and wood floors. 

Just like everything we make, our beams are no exception when it comes to quality and style. We handcraft every one of them here in Orange County and Install them! 

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Friday Favorite: October 28th

If you are following us on Instagram you might have seen a few photos of our newly finished project in Oceanside. This speakeasy style bar came together so nicely and for this Friday favorite we are focusing in on this laddered bar cabinet. 

This custom piece was formatted and designed to hug the door frame. At Planks USA we love to make items that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, and this piece is exactly that. 

This is also our second design this month to involve a ladder. Something tells me we will be doing it a lot more often. This design worked perfectly with the limited space we had to work with and it might be our favorite storage solution. 

Stay tuned as we continue to show you photos from this project in Oceanside, CA. 

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Friday Favorite: October 14th

This week we are talking about this custom bookshelf! Designed specifically for the San Juan Remodel project, but something tells me we need to make a couple for ourself. 

Every detail has come together to make this the bookshelf a one of a kind piece. 

We produced so many unique pieces for this San Juan remodel, a few you can see here, and a few more we will be sharing in the coming weeks! Keep stopping by on Friday and follow us on Instagram to see daily updates.

Friday Favorite: October 7th

Happy Friday to you! Today we are talking about this new propeller base table. This table was designed and crafted for our Las Vegas trade show a few months ago and has been showing off at our recent shows! It has been moving around so much that we are just now getting the chance to take some photos and show you guys. 

When our founder, Sam, found this vintage propeller at the Long Beach Antique Market we all were wondering "what the heck is he going to do with that?". A couple months later we have this awesome design to show for it. 

We love seeing all the creative ideas Sam comes up with and this one is no exception! The propeller table is another example of how Planks USA loves to incorporate Industrial artifacts into practical and stylish furniture pieces. 

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Friday Favorite: September 30th

Today I am throwing it back to one of our crowd favorites! The Vintage Fire Hydrant Table! 

We have made only 3 of these awesome tables, two have found their permanent homes and this one sits in our showroom or travels to shows. 

We love this table because it gives us a chance to talk to our clients about why Planks USA was started. When Sam began the company He would visit local flee markets and find inspiration for his projects. This table was one of those moments and Sam took a lot of old fire hydrants and came up with this truly unique table. 

As you can see, we added wheels to this piece, because you definitely don't want to pick it up! It is definitely one of our heavier pieces! 

Until it finds a home we are happy to see this beauty sitting in the showroom everyday! I'm sure you can see why! 

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Friday Favorite: September 22nd

It's Friday! and what says Friday more than a bar? 

This custom bar is hanging out in the showroom getting ready for its new home in San Juan. We have been working on an awesome home remodel down there and we can't wait to see this piece in the new updated space. 

Our base is made up entirely of reclaimed pine topped off with steel wrapped concrete and a few rivets. We kept a natural style but this time around we polished the concrete to give it a more refined look. 

We can't wait to see this in our San Juan Home remodel project, and don't worry we will show you guys more when it makes it into its new home! 

Have a happy weekend, check back next Friday to see what were up to! 

Friday Favorite: September 16th

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are featuring this new kitchen shelving unit. Fresh out of the workshop we are loving this custom designed shelving. 

As always we not only try to make things that look great but that also are functional. This patterned wood background with these metal wrapped shelf were custom made to house the coffee maker our client purchased. One of the perks of making our products right here in America is that we are able to cater to our clients needs in every aspect of the design. 

Our attention to detail doesn't falter here either. We also feature steel and concrete, which are two of our favorite things to pair with our classic reclaimed wood. 

It's when you zoom in that you can see the detail and the grain that reclaimed wood has to offer. Some see it as a small detail but we know that it makes every piece unique. 

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Friday Favorite: September 9th

Part 3 of Karl Strauss Anaheim and we are talking about the last section of this new restaurant. We might have saved the best for last, I mean look at these custom banquettes and table bases! We can hardly take our eyes off these bright red "U" shape banquettes. We love a good, tufted leather!

Our wood and upholstery look as good from up close as they do for a distance. What can we say, we do pay attention to the details! 

We also custom made these shelving units for their very own Karl Strauss Kegs. We like them because they are functional and yet still look awesome. 


We hope you've enjoyed our Karl Strauss Anaheim series! We are also working on Karl Strauss in LA so you will be seeing some of those in the near future! Head over to Instagram to see some more photos and follow us to see daily updates! Have a happy weekend! 

Friday Favorite: September 2nd

Happy September to you all! Last week we talked about the new Karl Strauss Anaheim and this week I am going to show you a little more about that project.

We took gladly stuck withe the American color scheme Karl Strauss and Planks have in common. Not only do we love the way these pieces turned out but we always enjoy working with other "Made in America" businesses. 

There are so many awesome details happening in this restaurant and we have only showed you  2/3 of it! Stay tuned next week to see the final blog about Karl Strauss Anaheim. Until then follow us on Instagram & Facebook to see daily updates! Have a great Holiday weekend everyone! 


Friday Favorite: August 26th

We are so excited to show you how this new restaurant project turned out. There are so many details involved here at Karl Strauss Anaheim, but for starters we will talk about these table bases. For this project we created 5 custom bases that you can spot throughout the restaurant. All designed in-house we combined all 5 together to accomplish this eclectic look. 

Along with these awesome custom bases we topped off half of them with a live edge piece of wood. Every single table showing a unique shape. I mean we just love a good live edge! 

We don't want to give it all away, but as you can tell this project has turned out very nicely. You can stop by the blog next week to see the other half of this restaurant, follow us on Instagram to see some sneak peeks or stop by Karl Strauss Anaheim, that is now open! 


Friday Favorite: August 19th

Happy Friday! If you are following us on Instagram you may have seen our recent post about our new chalkboard wall. That wall is a feature in our renovated showroom, as well as this custom made table.  

We took your everyday conference table and we changed it up! This square table top paired with a sturdy metal base is the conference table we have always dreamed of. 

Okay we aren't just being dramatic, look at this base! Awesome to look at but not awesome to move. Luckily it has found its home right in our office. 

And just like that we are two steps closer to having our conference room complete. Thanks for stopping by the blog today, hope you have an awesome weekend! Also stop by our Instagram to see daily updates!